Thursday, December 8, 2011

Little Wing Coaching website goes live!

The long awaited day has finally arrived!  The website goes live!

After putting the finishing touches to the content, we have reached the publication point.  Please look through the website and if there is any other information that you would like to see there please let me know.    Follow this link to e-mail me

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting started

My good friend and Webdesigner, Mary, of About-U-Webdesign, came round today to work on my new website for Little Wing Coaching - very exciting to be almost ready to launch!  Just a few more tweeks here and there because we want it to be just right before we publish it, but we have to call a halt to all of the tweeks and changes or there is a danger that we could go on looking for the 'perfect' website at the cost of never getting to use it.  We have decided that it doesn't matter if there are a few things that 'could be better' as we will continue to improve things once it is live because a potentially 'perfect' website that never gets used is not serving its purpose at all!  Mary is very wise to gently move me on in this way!

The discussion reminded me of how we can fall into the same trap in other areas of our lives; trying to be 'perfect' at work, at home, with family, our hobbies and so on.  We can be so busy being 'perfect' that we lose sight of what the real purpose of our efforts are for.  We can be so bogged down with the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey.  I have a picture on the wall that says "Happiness is a jouney, not a destination" and it is placed where I see it every day.

So what will the analysts of websites think to my new website?  No doubt they will be able to produce a long report of what it is wrong with its content (I doubt they will find much to criticise about Mary's technical work as that usually comes out with flying colours!) but I wonder if people will notice the beautiful logo painted for me by watercolour artist Yuko Sekiguchi, or take on board the message that you can make changes to your life that will result in ongoing improvements.  We all have choices, so what will you see when my website goes live?